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The Problem

Certain types of cancers, infectious diseases, and abnormalities

Currently have no cure

Require lifelong drugs

Incur debilitating side effects

Require costly treatments

Years to effective treatment

The Solution

An affordable, non-invasive, safe technology that targets disease progressors

Patients sit in a gentle field

No drugs required

No known serious side effects

Low cost of treatment

Mere months to effective treatment

The medical community has long relied on listening closely to and manipulating frequencies.

Frequency-generating devices have been used for well over a century.

Ultrasound, lasers used for skin treatment, electric scalpels, TENS units, electro-cauterization devices, biofeedback, MRI and CT scans –these are common frequency-generating instruments used by physicians worldwide.

Electrotherapeutic devices are a part of the bedrock foundation of a modern medical practice.

Anapole Technologies Inc. provides a patented resonant frequency technology that offers solutions for detection, diagnosis, and treatment of certain diseases. The patient experience is safe and without known, harmful side effects.

We aim to complete the development of the 6th generation of our RGFIELDS™ device and provide its benefits as broadly as possible.

Our software and hardware platform creates a patient process which is rapid, non-invasive, and cost-effective.

The Anapole Mission

Give greater health and quality of life to as many people as possible through technology that allows people to heal themselves of life-threatening illnesses.

The Anapole Vision

We aim to make the world a better place by bringing good health to all, so families and communities around the globe have more time to spend with their loved ones.



Medical Device Applications

Anapole intends to develop additional  applications for detection, diagnosis, and therapy. These devices will be standalone instruments or function as an accessory to third-party medical devices.

Additional medical applications for established frequencies are regularly being discovered; the treatment protocols associated with these frequencies require development.

Equipment Manufacturing

Production of devices that are intended to run on the Anapole platform require significant engineering expertise. Anapole will by necessity be involved in the manufacture, calibration, shielding,  and maintenance of these devices, as well as their servicing and repair.

Facility Design: The Faraday Cage Array

Anapole solutions can be delivered via a variety of methods, facilities, and configurations.

The example shown is a simple multiple Faraday cage array. This configuration is economically efficient and allows the operator to control multiple devices.

In this manner, multiple frequencies can be deployed at the same location, so that a larger patient population can be efficiently served.

Software Applications

Modules for new applications of the RGFIELDS devices as well as integration with peripherals and other third-party devices is an area of growth Anapole is eager to explore.

The Anapole Service Platform

The Anapole Service Platform is a powerful, self-service data analytics environment enabling healthcare collaboration, research, and innovation.

Healthcare and other organizations subscribing to the service platform will be on a continuous learning path to improve care, streamline operations, foster research, drive innovation, ultimately empowering action across their entire data ecosystem.

For organizations dedicated to healthcare data exploration, the platform will provide access to insights in real-time, dynamically, and securely.

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